Short Courses

Interested in working with people in need of care and prefer to work hands on?

If you want to learn the skills involved in this type of role JHI are running a number of nationally recognised short courses in June 2021 through which you gain the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to take on person-centred support roles.

First Aid & CPR (1 day)
First aid and resuscitation skills are never a load to carry and is a great addition to your resume – Develop this important life skill via online and face to face learning.

Statement of Attainment in Care Sector (4 weeks)
Learn to work safely in the care sector and interact effectively with a diverse range of people.

Entry to Care (5 weeks)
This entry-level course is designed to increase your understanding of the healthcare sector. Learn to work safely and effectively communicate within the health or community care sector.

Direct Client Care (8 weeks)
This course is an essential combination of the Entry to Care and Statement of Attainment in Care Sector, focusing on working safely and effectively communicating with a diverse range of people

Aged Care

Individual Support – Ageing Skill Set (9 weeks)
Develop skills for providing person centred support to older people in various industry settings by facilitating the empowerment of older people and supporting their needs, including people living with dementia.

Disability Care

Induction to Disability (9 weeks)
This course is about introducing you to and developing your skills to support people with disability.

Statement of Attainment in Disability (9 weeks)
Learn skills that will assist you to communicate and work safely in the disability services industry, while gaining an understanding of the legal and ethical frameworks of the industry and personal health.

Individual Support – Disability Skill Set (16 weeks)
This course will help you develop the skills for providing person centred support to people within the disability sector and explores ongoing skills development, supporting empowerment and positive behaviour and community participation. Work placement is required at the end of the course.

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Accredited Courses

Our Accredited Courses are nationally-recognised and aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework where it leads to an accredited qualification.

Accredited Courses are the best way to gain practical experience in your area of interest and expertise. JHI has strong links to industry networks that can get you on-the-job experience and even work towards securing a work placement. We also provide extensive support through the learning process to make sure you succeed in study and at work. Click the button below for the full list of upcoming Short Courses.

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