JHI - About Us

“We are committed to our students, successfully completing courses and pursuing a life where their fullest potential is realised”.

Our Vision

To provide training to help people see their value and potential so they engage in rewarding employment outcomes that benefit themselves, their families and their community.

Our Mission

  • Helping individuals access their potential in training, to achieve their career objectives, inoculate disadvantages and build confidence in their future.
  • Work with industries and employers to improve their businesses, care for and invest in their staff, and increase their customer base and potential returns.
  • Challenge the status quo in some areas of the training market and promote innovation and invigoration of service offerings and service delivery.
  • For the region, stimulate economic activity, motivate employment growth and improve services availability and quality within the region.
  • Pursue new ventures to address market gaps and increase employment opportunities.
  • Inspire the community to aspire for better educational, employment and personal outcomes and advocate for generational change.

Our Values