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What’s the difference that quality makes in education? It’s a common question and here at the John Henry Institute, it’s the one question we make sure we answer every single time. Let me give you an example. For so many industries, staff need to have a first aid certificate to be compliant. But really, being compliant doesn’t actually make us capable of acting in an emergency, it just means that if we get audited, the regulators are happy. Whilst that is important, we are here to look after those in our care and each other. So first aid training should be about providing information, skills and knowledge in how to respond to an emergency. It should also give us the confidence to act, because that is the most valuable lesson you can take away from a first aid course and it can make a real difference for the person suffering the emergency. Good intentions and lots of certificates aren’t much comfort if you can’t act. So here at JHI we have been working with local professionals to develop and improve our resources and our quality of training. We have even been looking into national and international models of delivery, to make sure that we are using the best techniques and practices, so that our graduates are compliant, capable and confident. That’s the value of a high quality JHI course. It’s also a source of pride for us and for graduates of our courses. We work together to look out for each other and to be ready to care for those in need. And do you know what else? We even provide catering, so you don’t have to worry about lunch. Our next Provide First Aid HLTAID003 course is scheduled for 26 April and we are currently locking in dates for other training. For more information on all our courses, contact